It’s me again; Locker 6212.

Admittedly it’s been awhile since we last spoke, as my new owner has been sanding my exterior and removing alllll the little bits of rust that I had acquired during my stay in sunny Southern California.  I had some minor bits on my feet (floor) but otherwise I was in pretty good condition.


So without further ado; here is what Tabitha did to me to get me my new white coat of primer!  Here is how to prime a locker and prep it for painting…

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DIY: A New Look For A Used Locker

There are millions of combinations of millions of colors, shades and hues to paint a used locker.  Then add to that the billions of designs and you begin to get the idea that the possibilities for a used locker’s look are simply endless.

Yet we managed to find one more cool DIY way of decorating a used locker and giving it a new, cool look.  Yes, we did and we wanted to share it with all the DIY fans out there.

Rachel English Idea 1

So if this sounds interesting, then let’s explore it a bit further…

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DIY And Used Lockers – What Is Possible?

We have this 90,000 square foot warehouse that is literally stuffed to the ceiling tiles with more than hundreds of different types of used lockers.  There are used gym lockers, school lockers, 3-tiered lockers, box locker and the list goes on and on.

Laundry Locker

But do you have the imagination you need to take one of these old lockers and transform it into something that your friends will rave about for years to come?

Odds are you do, and here is how to get that creativity flowing…

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DIARY OF A USED LOCKER ENTRY 3 – Sanding & How A Used Locker Spends The Holiday Season

It’s me again–Locker 6212.

Admittedly this is a rough part of the year, with the Stratford Family trying to spend the holidays with their families, and trying to get all those presents that Santa will drag down the chimney this season…

So as Thanksgiving approached, I did the usual stuff people do.  Of course there was Black Friday and oh believe you me I was there to take advantage of the great deals.

I began first at Office Depot where they were having a great sale on something cool I thought that I needed.  Yep. Not sure if you can actually see me here but there I am that used locker looking down upon the long line.  You see in order to not have to camp out all night, I cleverly gained access to the rooftop and there I was, ready to pounce into line once the doors opened.


My plans were simple; attack from above!  Plummet onto them and either hit humans or asphalt in order to gain access to those sweet Black Friday deals.  It worked like a charm and I was in within minutes buying my share of allllll the office materials I needed.

…after that, this green used locker headed out to WalMart where I was actually in a bit of a scuffle as seen below.

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