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Metal Lockers

UsedLockers.com offers what all the big retailers wont—metal lockers at deeply discounted prices. What's even better is that we always guarantee our used lockers are 100% functional to provide years of reliable use. We understand the security and convenience of lockers are a necessity for nearly every industry, which is why include a large offering of products that are priced for any budget or storage application. Our wide variety encompasses all the essential styles our customers are looking for with Read More

  • The difference between a used or new school locker isn't much, but only if purchased here! All our lockers pass a multi-point inspection that ensures you save money while getting a locker that lasts for decades.
  • Our used gym lockers are durable enough for any locker room evironment, ventilated doors help to maintain constant air flow and improve visiblity for better security. Shop various sizes & colors to match team colors or desired style.
  • Having a locker in the office workplace is beneficial. Where else would you store your umbrella, winter boots and wet jacket? Office lockers are inexpensive and can help your company in more ways than you know.
  • Our used kids lockers are a fun, yet totally tough storage solution that will make organizing toys, games, gear and more—something that kids toddler age to teen can get excited about. All types of sizes & colors to fit any personality!
  • How many locker doors do you need? If only one person will be using each locker, then a single tier will offer plenty of storage. Two users? Try a double tier locker. No matter the number of doors or "tiers" needed to meet storage demands, we have the perfect configuration.