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Unmatched Shipping

It’s cliché but we know people. These people are in the shipping industry and you may be familiar with FedEx, UPS, Estes and a few others. And they know us—that is why they’re willing to give us considerable discounts on shipping your used locker directly to your doorstep.

The reason we can give you shipping deals is because we ship a lot of stuff, everywhere and the shipping companies we work with want our business, so they give us discounts that we pass along to you.

So buy what you want/how many you want, knowing full well that your shipping costs will be as competitive as we can make it if not under what you’d expect when it comes to shipping assembled used lockers! Not only that, but since we only use only the top professional shipping companies, you can rest assured that your purchase will be transported both quickly and in the safest manner possible.