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Specialty Lockers

When we say that the variety and selection of used, overstock and scratch-and-dent lockers we have for sale at bargain prices is unparalleled, we're not just blowing smoke. In addition to standard metal gym and school lockers, we have a whole slew of industry- and material-specific lockers for virtually any application you can think of. And just like with all of the lockers we sell, each one has been thoroughly inspected to ensure that every door, latch and handle is in good condition and fully functional--so whether you are a police officer, waitress, firefighter, spa owner, caterer o.....

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  • If your facility is in a humid, water-prone environment then you need durable, plastic lockers to meet your unique needs. These lockers are TOUGH and guaranteed to stand up to water and never rust or fail.
  • These basket lockers have hundreds of uses. Found in company break rooms, gyms, climbing facilities, garages or karate studios; these large, ventilated basket lockers meeting your numerous storage needs.
  • Need durable, safe and spacious places to organize your equipment, supplies and tools? Our high-quality industrial storage cabinets are perfect for offices, warehouses, garages, schools, shops and more!  

  • Trying to separate someone from a cell phone these days is like trying to stop a rising sun. These sturdy cell phone lockers can also securely store wallets, iPads, small purses and other valuable items and prevent theft.
  • Offering your guests the ability and choice of securing their valuables is important. Coin operated lockers allow guests to securely lock up their valuables and helping them enjoy themselves, worry-free of theft issues.
  • Not many employees wear uniforms to work, so having a uniform locker is helpful. Plus you keep track of your uniforms and give your employees an area to lock their valuables and clothing.
  • Law enforcement requires the secure and safe lock up of potentially dangerous, work-related gear. Police officers have needs that most normal employees don't, so having a police locker makes their difficult job a lot easier.
  • If you recognize the term "TA-50" then you are in the right place. We guarantee our military lockers meet those strict requirements and can help your soldiers lock their valuables in spaces that align with your objectives.
  • Fire fighters need their gear securely locked in one place--the station. Since you know your fire fighting needs, we invite you to see the many choices we offer in fire station lockers which help secure any type of gear.
  • If you have a lot of valuable stuff that needs organizing, you need a way to lock it all up. What better way than in a wire mesh locker where you can actually see what is in that locker? Our line of these lockers is unparalleled.
  • After extensive research and customer feedback we launched Jorgenson lockers to respond to the growing need for a more flexible selection of locker products than what was currently offered on the market.