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Custom Lockers

Don't you hate the feeling of having something specific in mind that you would like to buy, only to find out it isn't available anywhere? So do we. That's why we created our very own line of lockers to respond to our customers' increasing desire for a more flexible, wider selection of locker products than what was being offered by the "big" manufacturers.

Our decades of experience in the locker industry has allowed us to manufacture a line that nobody else does we have paid attention to what our customers' wants and needs are and created lockers that fit them. Jorgenson Lockers are perfect for any facility, whether it be a school, gym, distribution plant, fitness center, government facility, office, warehouse, or even at home for use in your child's room, mudroom, garage or game room. We are able to provide a greater variety of colors, sizes and styles that our customers have been looking for, with special features and improvements that ensure they will work well and last for years into the future. Our Jorgenson Lockers are available in stock in our distribution centers nationwide, ready to be put to immediate use. So whether you're looking for lockers to store your cell phones, tablets and other small digital gadgets, to stow away video game paraphernalia, or to add the perfect finishing touch to your child's sports-themed bedroom, we guarantee that we have the unique lockers you've been searching for and you won't find them anywhere else. 

  • Looking for the classic locker style from your school-days? Our Jorgenson Premier Lockers are the perfect fit. These are our biggest sellers--and the most practical, functional lockers you can get.
  • Worried about keeping personal items safe at the gym? Jorgenson Gym Lockers are strong, safe and secure--so you can get your workout in without working yourself up into a nervous sweat.

  • Give your kids a fun, unique way to organize their toys, games, books and more with our custom line of Jorgenson Kids Lockers! As strong and secure as our Premier Lockers--only kid-sized.

  • Our unique line of Jorgenson Cell Phone & Tablet Lockers are perfect for storing cell phones and other small personal electronic devices. Just as strong and secure as our standard-sized units.

  • Need stadium lockers for your facility--or just want to add the perfect finishing touch to your man cave or child's sports-themed bedroom? Our Jorgenson Sports Lockers are just what you're looking for.

  • No locker room is complete without some sturdy benches. Our Jorgenson Locker Room Benches are the perfect spot to pump yourself up before the big game or catch your breath after an intense workout.

  • Want extra shelves, number plates or bases for those lockers you recently purchased? Check out our Jorgenson Locker Accessories--we have everything you need to customize your lockers!